Draft BEREC Office MC Decision on request for Amending 1 of the budget and the establishment plan for the financial year 2015

Document number: MC (15) 59
Document date: 21.05.2015
Date of registration: 21.05.2015
Document type: Decisions of the Management Board
Author: BEREC Office

The proposed request for amending 1 to the budget and establishment plan includes the possible re-classifications for the temporary staff within the limit of the authorised total number of post for 2015.

In accordance with provisions of Article 38(1) of Decision MC/ 2014/1 the establishment plan shows next to the number of posts authorised for the financial year, the number authorised for the preceding year and the number of posts actually filled.

For the purpose of aggregating information on modifications already approved, the draft amending 1 to the budget and establishment plan for 2015 includes also the conversion of 2 SNE posts to CA FGIV posts in accordance with the foreseen MC decision proposed for adoption during Plenary2/2015 meeting, transfers within titles performed by the Administrative Manager of the BEREC Office in accordance with Article 27 (1) of Decision MC/2014/1 in first quarter 2015 and as being communicated in the draft explanatory note, as well as transfers between titles as proposed to the MC for approval during Plenary 2 / 2015 meeting.

As the draft document is part of the internal decision making process, it is not available to the public. Once approved by the MC, the final document will be made available to the public though the current register of documents.