Decision of the BEREC Office MC repealing the Decision MC/2012/05 adopted to establish direct service agreements with the international schools in the Republic of Latvia to cover schooling fees for children of the BEREC Office staff

Document number: MC/2015/4
Document date: 05.06.2015
Date of registration: 12.06.2015
Document type: Decisions of the Management Board
Author: BEREC Office MC

In 2012 the BEREC Office MC adopted Decision MC/2015/5 according to which the Office should cover the schooling fees for the children of the BEREC Office staff members attending or applying to the international schools that have signed a service agreement with the BEREC Office. In 2015 the MC with the approval of the BEREC Office Multi Annual Staff Policy Plan 2016 – 2018 found the measure unnecessary as any schooling measures, if needed, shall be financed within the framework of the administrative autonomy of the BEREC Office. For that reason the BEREC Office proposes to MC to repeal Decision MC/2012/5.

The current Decision wasapproved by the MC during its 23rd plenary meeting (5 June 2015, Bergen) and enter into force on the day of its adoption, namely 5 June 2015.

It repeals Decision MC/2012/05 of 25 May 2012.