Draft BEREC Office MC Decision laying down general implementing provisions for implementing Article 43 of the Staff Regulations and implementing the first paragraph of Article 44 of the Staff Regulations for temporary staff

Document number: MC (15) 87
Document date: 18.09.2015
Date of registration: 21.09.2015
Document type: Decisions of the Management Board
Author: BEREC Office

According to the BEREC Regulation (Article 10.2), the Management Committee (hereinafter MC), in agreement with the Commission, shall adopt the necessary implementing rules in accordance with the arrangements provided for in Article 110 of the Staff Regulations. The BEREC Office identified the need to adopt implementing rules on the appraisal of temporary agents as drafted by the Standing Working Party composed of the representatives of the EU Agencies and of the European Commission. Therefore the respective draft implementing rules have been submitted to the MC for consideration during its 24th plenary meeting (Riga, 2 October 2015).
The current document is part of the internal decision making process of the BEREC Office and is not available to the public. Once approved, the final version will be made available to the public through the current document register.