Decision of the Management Committee of the BEREC Office on the Anti-fraud strategy

Document number: MC/2017/02
Document date: 23.02.2017
Date of registration: 08.03.2017
Document type: Decisions of the Management Board
Author: BEREC Office MC

The overall objective of the Anti-fraud Strategy of the BEREC Office is to improve prevention, detection and investigation of fraud, and to pursue adequate deterrence and reparation, with proportionate and dissuasive sanctions. The main rules and anti-fraud measures are linked to the anti-fraud Strategy of DG CONNECT of the EC, which is also active in this area. The Strategy sets three objectives:
• Enhance fraud awareness within the organization through targeted communication and training (prevention of fraud) and establish and maintain a high level of general ethics culture at the BEREC Office;
• Clarify roles in the process of detection, reporting and handling of fraud (detection and investigation of fraud);
• Implement practical arrangements to ensure protection of whistle-blowers.
The Strategy shall be valid for three years and will be updated in the course of its implementation if necessary, or after its assessment at the end of the implementation period.