Decision of the Management Board of the Agency for Support for BEREC concerning the secondment to the BEREC Office of national experts and national experts in professional training

Document number: MB/2020/03
Document date: 06.03.2020
Date of registration: 10.03.2020
Document type: Decisions of the Management Board
Author: BEREC Office MB

Rules on SNEs secondment to the BEREC Office (MC/2015/13) which the Agency has been applying so far contains a limitation on the period of secondment (maximum three years) deriving from a provision (art.10.4) of the previous founding Regulation (REGULATION (EC) No 1211/2009). In order to reflect the new legal framework (the new BEREC Regulation) which does not contain this limit, it is needed to update the existing Rules in the areas of periods of secondment and to align the secondment period to the one foreseen by the European Commission rules (secondment for a maximum period of 6 years).
In addition, the wording of the one of the main eligibility criteria (the nationality criteria) to fulfil to be seconded as SNEs or NEPTs needs to reflect the current situation of the BEREC countries membership. In particular, the implementation of the Art.35(2) of the BEREC Regulation and the conclusion of working arrangements with third countries, requires to reformulate accordingly the nationality criteria provided in Art.1 “An SNE must be a national of an EU Member State or EFTA Member State or a country with which the Council has decided to open accession negotiations and which has concluded a specific agreement with the BEREC Office on staff secondments”. As a consequence of the above, BEREC Office has decided to adopt this Draft Decision and repeal its Decision № (MC (10) 25).