Launch of a comments round of a BEREC Office MC electronic voting procedure for the adoption of Financing Decision for procurement procedure on purchase or rental of audio-video conference facilities

Document number: MC (15) 42
Document date: 13.04.2015
Date of registration: 16.04.2015
Document type: Others
Author: BEREC Chair

In nowadays the audio and video conference facilities are considered as essential tools for increasing the efficiency of organisations with decentralised structure. Therefore, in order to be able to increase the efficiency of BEREC's work the BEREC Office has suggested to its Management Committee to consider the possibility for deployment of audio-video conference facilities at the BEREC Brussels presence (IRG Secretariat).

The improved interaction shall result in a more efficient use of the budget in terms of managing the mission expenses for the BEREC Office Staff Members and the travel reimbursement for the EWG members.

As the proposed expenditure, is approved, would be executed under Title 3 ‘Operational Expenditure’, the BEREC Office Management Committee needs to adopt a financing decision about before the start of the project implementation.

Therefore, with a view to accelerating the introduction of these facilities, the BEREC Chair decided to submit the draft MC decision for approval by electronic voting procedure, which started with the current comments round on 13 April 2015. The comments round will be over on 20 April 2015 and will be followed by a voting round.

This document is part of the internal BEREC Office decision making process and is not available to the public.