Call for expression of interest for Team Leader (2) at the BEREC Office (TA-AD6)

Document number: BEREC/2017/08
Document date: 22.12.2017
Date of registration: 27.12.2017
Document type: Publication of Notices
Author: BEREC Office

The BEREC Office would like to invite all interest candidates to apply for the establishment of a reserve list for the post of Team Leader in the field of legal, procurement and finance at the Agency.

The Team Leader will coordinate the development of policies in the field of legal advice, procurement, data protection, access to documents and finance, and will ensure proper and equitable application of the BEREC Office policies and procedures in those areas.

The job holder is expected in particular to:

  • coordinate the preparation of documents falling in the competence of the Team for the middle and senior management, the Management Committee or the Commission;
  • coordinate the development of policies, manual and best practices in the area of procurement, data protection, access to documents, finance and other legal matters;
  • coordinate the preparation of the annual and multiannual work programme of the Agency in the field of responsibility, monitoring the achievements of its objectives and ensuring timely and reliable reports by the staff of the main achievements;
  • coordinate external and internal audits.

Applications, preferably in English, should be sent only by e-mail to:  with the reference ‘BEREC/2017/08 Team Leader’ in the subject line of e-mails.

The candidates must submit an application form according to the attached model, a cover letter describing the reasons for the application and a CV, preferably drafted using the Europass CV format which can be found at:

The deadline for submitting applications is 15.02.2018 extended to 15.03.2018 at 12:00 (midday) Riga time (11:00 a.m. Central European Time).

The BEREC Office strongly advises candidates not to wait until the last few days before the deadline to apply, since heavy internet traffic or connection difficulties could lead to problems. It is the sole responsibility of each applicant to submit his/her completed application by the deadline for submission. Applications and information provided after the deadline will not be taken into account.

For further information, please read the vacancy notice!