BEREC and its counterparts of EMERG, EaPeReg and REGULATEL discussed the connectivity challenges

07 June 2017

 BEREC and its counterparts from EaPeReg (Eastern Europe), REGULATEL (South America) and EMERG (Mediterranean and North African countries)  met in Cascais (Portugal) on the 31 May, for the high level BEREC-EMERG-EaPeReg-REGULATEL Summit  aimed at addressing the main challenges deriving from ensuring connectivity in a convergent world. The meeting has been hosted by the Portuguese Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações

The debate was based on three sessions, addressing the following topics:
- Connectivity: Investments in ultra-high capacity networks and bridging the digital gap
Mobile connectivity: spectrum issues
- End users rights in connected world: net neutrality challenges

At the end of the Summit the participants adopted a joint declaration, which can be consulted here.

Participants agreed that holding this joint Summit was a fundamental opportunity to promote the needed regulatory dialogue, based on fair and added valued discussions. Building upon the already existent cooperative liaisons and noting the financial support provided by the European Commission to EMERG and EaPeReg, this Summit recognized the benefit of promoting permanent initiatives of cooperation celebrated between BEREC and its counterparts of EMERG, EaPeReg and REGULATEL. The success of the Summit will ensure to frame future common initiatives, such as promoting joint working groups, information sharing and maintaining this high level regulatory dialogue through future meetings.


Mahmoud Hatem (Egypt, NTRA)

Connectivity: Investments in Ultra-High Capacity Networks and Bridging the Digital Gap

Grigore Varanita (ANRCETI, Moldova)

Encouraging investments in ultra-high capacity networks in Moldova and in EaP countries

Aymen Salah (Tunisia, INTT )  

Connecting the Unconnected Tunisian strategy

Steve Unger (Great Britain, Ofcom)

Maximising the benefits of wireless innovation

Gabriel Contreras Saldívar (Mexico, IFT)

Mobile Connectivity: Spectrum Issues

Roman Kurdadze (Georgia, GNCC)

 Spectrum Expert Working Group; Current status on Digital Broadcasting and Digital Dividends 1 & 2 in Georgia; Mobile market and auctions in Georgia; Mobile Coverage Analyzer (MCA) –innovation tool for regulatory authorities and mobile operators


Luis Pacheco (Peru, OSIPTEL)

Net Neutrality in Peru

 Johan Keetelaar (The Netherlands, ACM)

Net Neutrality the Dutch perspective

 Zaruhi Stepanyan (Armenia, PSRC)

 The Principle of Net Neutrality in the Republic of Armenia