EMF related country-specific information for Denmark

Cooperation of the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) + Danish Energy Agency (responsible for Electromagnetic Fields (EMF))

Involvement of operators (with regard to the method for the operator’s calculation and demonstration of the EMF exposure relative to threshold values)

Involvement of municipalities + operators + several authorities (with regard to site permissions)

Due to the increasing attention on EMF, we have intensified the cooperation with other authorities and focused on public communication, as well as intensifying the monitoring of the operators. There is great cooperation between the different responsible authorities on health, safety, and telecom, and all the official announcements have been coordinated amongst these.

The Danish Energy Agency which monitors EMF has a close dialogue with the operators who also experience that the collaboration (between authorities and operators) is beneficial to them when it helps alleviate concerns in the population. The Danish Energy Agency strives to make monitoring and supervision transparent to all. The Danish Energy Agency and operators have agreed on a method for the operator’s calculation and demonstration of the EMF expo-sure relative to the threshold values, which they will perform on a regular basis.

The Danish Energy Agency has furthermore had a close dialogue with the municipalities for whom the roll-out of 5G means an increase in applications for permission to set up antennas. Through cooperation between municipalities, operators, and several authorities, a toolbox for application processes has been developed, including content.