Letter from the BEREC Office to the European Commission for requesting the payment of the 1st instalment of the EU subsidy for 2015

Document number: MC (15) 34

Document date: 06-03-2015

Date of registration: 09-03-2015

Document type:
Author: BEREC Office AM

In compliance with the agreement governing the payment of the EU subsidy to the BEREC Office, the Commission is requested to pay the first instalment of the EU subsidy for year 2015 , covering the forecasts for period from first to third quarters 2015. A cash-flow forecast is also attached to the letter (ref. No MC (15) 33).

The current letter is intended only for its addressees and is not available to the public.

More information about the implementation of the BEREC Office budget and financial management system at the BEREC Office can be found here.