Draft BEREC Office Management Committee Decision on the implementation of telework in the BEREC Office

Document number: MC (17) 102

Document date: 27-11-2017

Date of registration: 27-11-2017

Author: BEREC Office

The BEREC Office has already successfully implemented telework under Commission Decision C(2009)10224 of 18 December 2009 as amended by Commission Decision C(2013) 9045 of 16 December 2013. On 5 January 2016, the Commission informed the BEREC Office that it adopted Decision C(2015)9151 of 17 December 2015 on implementation of telework in Commission Departments. Pursuant to Article 110(2) of the Staff Regulations it shall apply by analogy to the BEREC Office. However, after examining the decision the appointing authority of the BEREC Office (after consulting the staff ) requested the Commission’s agreement to the non-application of certain implementing rules. The Commission was informed that Decision C(2015)9151 could be suitable to apply to the BEREC Office provided that certain adjustments are made to take into account the peculiarities of the Agency. The Commission has received similar message from other agencies and joint undertakings. To ensure consistent approach in the application of the new rules on 25 July 2017 the Commission adopted a model decision containing new implementing rules for telework for the decentralised agencies and joint undertakings (Decision C(2017)5308 final). Those adjustments concern in particular the technical means by which telework is made available. The BEREC Office Management Committee is invited to examine the model Decision adopted by the Commission with a view to the adoption of BEREC Office staff implementing rules. The current document is part of the internal decision making process of the BEREC Office and is not available to the public. If the current decision would be adopted by the Management Committee, its final version will be published through the current public register.

This current document is a part of internal decision making process and is not available to public.