Work Programme 2015 BEREC Board of Regulators

Document number: BoR (14) 185

Document date: 04-12-2014

Date of registration: 05-12-2014

Author: BEREC

According to Article 5 (4) of the BEREC Regulation BEREC has to adopt its annual work programme for the next year after consulting all interested parties.

Therefore during its 20th plenary meeting (25-26 September 2014, Rome) the BEREC Board of Regulators approved the draft 2015 BEREC Work Programme for submission to a  public consultation, which ran from 29 September to 24 October 2014, with an oral hearing at the 2nd BEREC Stakeholder Forum meeting (16 October 2014, Brussels).

During the public consultation BEREC received 20 contributions from stakeholders, including incumbent and alternative operators (fixed, mobile, cable) and users associations.

Following the public consultation BEREC reviewed the draft Work Programme taking into account all relevant comments and responses as far as possible. All individual contributions received during the consultation, as well as an explanation how they were reflected in final BEREC Work Programme 2015 are published on BEREC website.

The final text of the 2015 BEREC Work Programme (presented below) was adopted at the 21st plenary meeting of the Board of Regulators (4-5 December 2014, Brussels).

The Work Programme was transmitted to the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the Commission by the BEREC Chair 2014 and the BEREC Chair 2015 (letter with ref. No BoR (14) 200).