BEREC high-level position on artificial intelligence and virtual worlds

Document number: BoR (24) 68

Document date: 15-03-2024

Date of registration: 15-03-2024

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Author: BEREC

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual worlds (VW) are increasingly becoming relevant components of the (digital) economy. Their successful development and deployment require high quality electronic communications networks and services (ECN/ECS) and, in particular, very high capacity networks allowing for high speeds and low latency. Moreover, cloud services and edge computing – which are increasingly intertwined with ECN/ECS – are also essential for both technologies. A holistic approach on cloud, edge and ECN/ECS is key to ensure competition, high availability, quality and innovation for digital services.

In order to unleash the potential of AI and VW, and to make sure that these technologies develop for the benefit of European citizens, BEREC believes that some key issues concerning their competition dynamics, internet openness, environmental footprint and sustainability need to be assessed and tackled.

This document serves as BEREC input to the two calls for contributions on competition in generative AI and VW opened on 9 January 2024 by the European Commission.