Draft BEREC Report on Satellite Connectivity for Universal Service

Document number: BoR (22) 83

Document date: 09-06-2022

Date of registration: 14-06-2022

Document type:
Author: BEREC

This draft BEREC report considers the potential of Satcom solutions to provide ubiquitous broadband connectivity for Universal Service.

Several geostationary (GSO) and non-geostationary (NGSO) satellite networks and systems are available or become available with the 2022-2025 timeframe which can provide Satcom broadband services to end-users that use appropriate customer premises equipment.

A questionnaire was issued to all BEREC Members and Participants without voting rights and the key results are as follows: Of the twenty-nine responses received, two NRAs indicate that Satcom solutions contribute to universal service presently, two NRAs are studying Satcom solutions for same, while the remaining respondents set out that they have no firm plans or do not envisage such a role for Satcom solutions.

BEREC would welcome stakeholder’s views in relation to any of the material presented in the Report, as well as any feedback on any other relevant considerations / emerging issues that should be identified. The final Report is intended to give interested parties a brief overview of the current thinking in BEREC on the use of Satcom for USO.  BEREC looks forward to informing itself of developments in the sector so that European consumers can benefit from relevant types of connectivity solutions.