Notice for the public consultation on the BEREC Report on IP-Interconnection practices in the Context of Net Neutrality

Document number: BoR (17) 134

Document date: 07.06.2017

Date of registration: 07.06.2017

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Author: BEREC

In 2012 BEREC published the report “An assessment of IP interconnection in the context of Net Neutrality” which had concluded that the Internet ecosystem managed to adapt IP interconnection arrangement to reflect changes in technology, in the (relative) market power of players, in demand patterns and in business models, all this happening without a need for regulatory intervention.

In November 2016 BEREC held the 3rd expert workshop in IP-interconnection in co-operation with the OECD – bringing together members of academia, market experts and participants as well as public authorities including European NRAs, the FCC, the Mexican Regulator as well as DG Competition. The insights gained at the workshop have informed the current project.

The report is now updated and puts these findings to the test considering the developments having occurred since 2012. BEREC has today published for consultation the Report on IP-Interconnection practices in the Context of Net Neutrality

The purpose of the public consultation is to increase transparency and to provide BEREC with valuable feedback from stakeholders. In accordance with the BEREC policy on public consultations, BEREC will publish a summary of all received contributions, respecting confidentiality requests.

The public consultation will run from 7 June12:00 CET to 5 July 12:00 CET 2017.

All stakeholders are invited to submit their contributions via email to:
[email protected] by 5 July 12:00 midday CET 2017. When registering with the consultation tool, please indicate your name and/or the name of the organisation or company you* represent.

Further enquiries about the consultation may also be submitted to this address.

E-mail attachments should be included only if considered absolutely necessary. The overall size of the e-mail (including attachments) should not be larger than 2 MB.

After submitting the contribution via e-mail, an automatic reply will be generated. If this confirmation e-mail is not received, the submission of the contribution was not successful and it should be submitted again.

We strongly encourage all stakeholders to submit their contributions as early as possible. Contributions received after the above mentioned deadline will not be taken into account.

Contributions should preferably be sent in English.

All contributions will be published on the BEREC website, taking into account requests for confidentiality and publication of personal data. In case of confidential information please provide a public version of your contribution that can be used for publication.


* In case you do not represent an organization or a company, please indicate that this is the case.