BEREC Report on the outcome of the public consultation on the BEREC Report on Comparison Tools and Accreditation

Document number: BoR (23) 23

Document date: 09-03-2023

Date of registration: 13-03-2023

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Author: BEREC

This report summarises the responses received to the public consultation on the draft BEREC Report on comparison tools and accreditation.

During its 52nd plenary meeting (5-7 October 2022) the Board of Regulators approved the BEREC Report on comparison tools and accreditation for public consultation.

The aim of the Report is to offer insights into the independent comparison tools that enable consumers (and other end-users, if so required by the Member States) to compare and evaluate Internet Access Services (IAS) and publicly available number-based interpersonal communications services (NB-ICS), as set out in Article 103[2] of the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) and, where applicable, publicly available number-independent interpersonal communications services (NI-ICS). The Report also captures details of the certification process within each Member State that is, upon request, available to the providers of an independent comparison tool that meets the requirements set out in Article 103[3] of the EECC.