BEREC Report on the participation of NRAs in different cybersecurity fora at EU level

Document number: BoR (22) 175

Document date: 12-12-2022

Date of registration: 12-12-2022

Document type:
Author: BEREC

The NRAs are participating in different Cybersecurity fora or working groups at EU level. BEREC conducted a survey to map this participation. The results are presented in this report. The Working Group most attended by the NRAs is the ECASEC EG. There is also a significant participation of NRAs in the NIS Cooperation Group Work Stream on 5G and the ENISA AHWG on 5G Cybersecurity Certification.

A close cooperation with these working groups and follow-up of their activities is recommended. The report provides some background information on the cybersecurity fora listed and aggregated results of the survey are presented in Chapter 3. In total there were 31 responses provided. The answers to the Survey can be found in the separate document Internal overview of the answers to the survey about the participation of NRAs in cybersecurity fora at EU-level. This will help NRAs if they want to reach out to (other) NRAs participating in these fora.