BEREC Report on WACC parameter calculations according to the European Commission’s WACC Notice of 6th November 2019 (WACC parameters Report 2024)

In this fifth BEREC Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) parameters Report BEREC calculates the WACC parameters following the non-binding Commission’s WACC Notice on the calculation of the cost of capital for legacy infrastructure in the context of the Commission’s review of national notifications in the EU electronic communications sector of 6th November 2019. The cost of capital is the core element of any regulatory pricing decision NRAs take. The Notice aims to ensure a consistent calculation of the WACC by national regulatory authorities (NRAs) thereby contributing to the development of the internal electronic communications market.

As the Commission’s Notice has not changed, BEREC is following the same methodology (incl. ‘technical choices’) as in last year’s Report providing utmost continuity.

Document number: BoR (24) 102
Document date: 06 June 2024
Date of registration: 12 June 2024
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Author: BEREC