Draft BEREC Report on empowering end-users through environmental transparency on digital products

Document number: BoR (23) 207

Document date: 07-12-2023

Date of registration: 12-12-2023

Document type:
Author: BEREC

The green transition stands as a fundamental concern for European citizens who want to play an active role to meet global environmental targets. In light of these considerations, BEREC has undertaken an in-depth examination of end users’ empowerment and environmental transparency in digital products (both goods and services). Building upon two initial BEREC reports focusing on the roles of regulators and the industry in the realm of Information and communication technology (ICT) environmental sustainability, this report focuses on the specific challenges pertaining to digital services and end-user devices.

BEREC initiated a comprehensive fact-finding process to enhance the knowledge of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) which involved three activities. A review, encompassing key concepts derived from both pertinent literature and European Union initiatives, an internal questionnaire to assess activities carried out at the national level and  a workshop, featuring the European Commission, expert consulting firms (Ramboll and RESILO), and representatives from consumer and environmental organizations (BEUC and the European Environmental Bureau).

The main findings derived from these endeavors are presented within this report.

Watch the recorded video of the BEREC Workshop on End User empowerment and sustainability: https://youtu.be/diKPfw9MLgE