Internal Report on the feasibility of a BEREC Open Data Platform

Document number: BoR (18) 29

Document date: 08.03.2018

Date of registration: 14.03.2018

Document type:
Author: BEREC

The purpose of this BEREC project is to assess the feasibility of BEREC developing its own Open Data Platform. The 2018 BEREC Work Programme explains that, dependent on the outcome of this feasibility study “additional steps may include tendering for a consultant to develop the Open Data Platform, which would require the creation of tender specifications”.

The end goal of this project, dependent on the outcome of this feasibility study and any subsequent steps, aims to offer stakeholders a deeper access to the non-confidential data, which BEREC uses in its work, in an easily accessible, functional and usable format; i.e. open data. 

This report is part of internal dcision making process and is not available to the public.