Report on non-residential market indicators for the European Commission’s Digital ScoreboardReport on non-residential market indicators for the European Commission’s Digital Scoreboard

Document number: BoR (17) 243

Document date: 08-12-2017

Date of registration: 13-12-2017

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Author: BEREC

The current availability of statistical information on the non-residential market, at the European level, is relatively limited and therefore does not allow for a robust assessment of the evolution of this market. The lack of indicators/data is also problematic when it comes to defining the characteristics of the non-residential market, and to analysing the level of competition prevailing in the market. Although initially the project reference was to the business market, further internal discussion led to a change in terminology to the non-residential market, in order to take into account not just businesses, but also entrepreneurs/self-employed individuals, non-governmental organisations, and public/state sector bodies.

It was agreed by BEREC that it would be very beneficial to have a more precise overview of the non-residential market at the European level, which is often very different from the residential market in terms of revenues, usage and equipment. The goal of this BEREC report was to propose to the European Commission a set of indicators which could be included in the questionnaire that is used for the Digital Scoreboard.

In June 2017, a questionnaire was circulated to all National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), in order to gather information for non-residential fixed and mobile market indicators currently collected across Europe. The intention of this initiative was, by proposing to the European Commission a common set of such indicators which can be benchmarked, to estimate the size of the non-residential market in Europe, going forward.