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2nd BEREC Stakeholder Forum Meeting

Event Date: 16 October 2014
Event Location: Brussels, Belgium

On 16 October 2014, BEREC held the 2nd meeting of the BEREC Stakeholder Forum in Brussels with a view to strengthening the dialogue on issues of strategic importance between BEREC and the relevant stakeholders. This meeting was organised in accordance with a decision of the Board of Regulators of 25 February 2014.

The BEREC Stakeholder Forum has been established with a view to providing a direct interactive platform for discussion between BEREC and its stakeholders. This platform supports the traditional consultation process taking place before the adoption of final versions of BEREC documents.

The meeting was attended by high-level representatives of the stakeholder associations at European level active in the fields of competence of BEREC; the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) primarily responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the markets for electronic communications networks and services established in the EU member states, the EFTA states and the states that are candidates for accession to the EU; and the European Commission. The list of organisations present at the 2nd BEREC Stakeholder meeting is provided below.

The focus of the meeting was strategic issues relevant to the medium and long term regulation of the electronic communications markets in Europe. The meeting also served as a public hearing on 4 key published BEREC documents which are currently undergoing consultation. The Meeting Agenda is presented in document BoR (14) 68 final.

The meeting focused on the following main topics:

-       Draft BEREC Strategy 2015-2017 and draft 2015 BEREC Work Programme (WP);

-       Regulatory accounting approach to the economic replicability test (ERT) - ex-ante/sector specific margin squeeze tests;

-       Looking for the future model for roaming.

The meeting was video-recorded and the full video recording can be consulted here:

Opening remarks by the BEREC Chair

BEREC Strategy and Work Programme 2015 - part 1

BEREC Strategy and Work Programme 2015 - part 2

Margin squeeze test - what and how?

Looking for the future model for roaming - part 1

Looking for the future model for roaming - part 2