BEREC event 2014

Public debriefing from the 21st BEREC plenary

Event date:

Event location: Belgium, Brussels

Application deadline: 08-12-2014

On 11 December 2014, in Brussels,  BEREC held a public debriefing for presenting the results from its 21st plenary meeting held on 4 and 5 December 2014 in Brussels (Belgium).

During the debriefing the BEREC CN Chair, Ola Bergström, Director for International Affairs of PTS (Sweden), presented information about all key decision taken and the documents approved by the Board of Regulators for publication

The BEREC CN Chair also presented the main BEREC achievement in 2014, such as:

1.      BEREC’s Opinion on revised list of relevant markets

2.      BEREC’s Opinion on TSM package, including roaming and net neutrality

3.      BEREC 2015-2017 Strategy

4.      BEREC new Working Structure

The presentation made by the BEREC CN Chair during the debriefing is provided below.