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BEREC Workshop on end-users in the context of the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

Event date:

Event location: 14:00-16:30 CEST, as online event

Application deadline: 18-05-2021

On 18 May 2021, BEREC organised a public online workshop on end-users in the context of the Digital Markets Act. This BEREC workshop aimed to gather input from stakeholders’ associations, consumers associations, and civil society representatives, digital rights advocacy associations, alternative businesses and experts, and discussed how the DMA proposal could better protect and empower end-users.

The event was streamed live via the dedicated livestream platform including the live captions.

The European Commission published a Digital Markets Act (DMA) proposal on 15 December 2020, introducing a series of rules for platforms acting as gatekeepers in the digital sector. In March 2021, BEREC adopted an Opinion on the DMA together with a draft report on the ex ante regulation of digital gatekeepers, further elaborating BEREC’s proposals. In September 2020, BEREC had proposed a model for an ex ante intervention in its response to the Digital Service Act Package and the New Competition Tool public consultations.

The workshop:
In the first session, BEREC Chair 2021, Michel Van Bellinghen and the Co-chairs of the BEREC Market and Economic Analysis working group forwarded their introductory words before Inge Bernaerts, Director for Policy and Strategy at the European Commission’s DG Competition, provided her introductory remarks on how the DMA will protect end-users’ interests in their relationship with the gatekeepers. Member of the European Parliament and IMCO rapporteur for the Digital Markets Act, Andreas Schwab (EPP), introduced the EP’s state of play regarding the DMA.

The second session featured a stakeholders’ round table where representatives of relevant associations and experts in the field presented their positions. This round table was structured around key questions that touched upon factors concerning the interests of end-users and how the DMA could better protect and empower them. The workshop closed with a round of questions and answers.

Participants attending the event were able to ask questions to the speakers in advance - by submitting their questions within the registration form or via email. There was also an opportunity to ask questions through a chat function during the livestream.

Published work

Current work

  • BEREC Study on consumers’ behaviour towards digital platforms as a means for communication – to be published in June 2021
  • BEREC Report on the Internet value chain – workshops with stakeholders in summer/autumn 2021, draft report for public consultation in March 2022

Watch the recorded video of the event