BEREC events 2022

Public debriefing on the outcomes of the 52nd BEREC ordinary meetings

Event date: 12.10.2022

Event location: Belgium, Brussels

Application deadline: 12.10.2022

At 14:00 CET on 12 October 2022 in Brussels, at the IRG Secretariat, Rue de la Science 14, 3rd floor, BEREC will hold a public debriefing to present the outcomes of the latest plenary meetings. The public debriefing will also be livestreamed on BEREC’s website. 

During the public debriefing, the BEREC Chair, Annemarie Sipkes (ACM Netherlands), and the BEREC Working Group Co-chairs will present the documents that were adopted during the plenary meetings. This will be followed by a Q&A session. Among the topics for the debriefing are the following:

  • BEREC preliminary assessment of the underlying assumptions of payments from large CAPs to ISPs and IP-IC work stream;
  • Draft BEREC Opinion on EC’s Delegated Regulation with measures to ensure effective access to  emergency services through emergency communications to the single European emergency number ‘112’;
  • BEREC Wholesale Roaming Guidelines;
  • BEREC Report on the 5G Value Chain.

The BEREC Chair and the BEREC Working Group Co-chairs will also present the following documents to be approved for public consultations:

•    Draft BEREC Work Programme 2023;
•    Draft Report on Comparison Tools and Accreditation.

Furthermore, the BEREC Chair will report on the outcome of the elections for the BEREC Chair for 2024 and the new composition of the BEREC Mini-Board 2023. This consists of the BEREC Chair, the four Vice-Chairs and the representative of the countries without voting rights.

The documents adopted by BEREC during the plenary meetings will be available on the BEREC website on 11 October 2022. This will enable stakeholders to prepare questions for the speakers at the public debriefing in advance. A list of other publicly available and related documents will be published on the website on the same date

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: BEREC invites stakeholders to register for the BEREC public debriefing and to submit questions in advance through the registration form below. Please send any particularly complex or detailed questions to [email protected] by close of business on 11 October 2022.

The debriefing will be livestreamed via a dedicated streaming platform. BEREC will publish the link to the debriefing on the BEREC website on 12 October 2022 shortly before the event.


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