BEREC events 2022

Public debriefing on the outcomes of the 53rd BEREC ordinary meetings

Event date:

Event location: Belgium, Brussels

On 14 December 2022, in Brussels, at the IRG Secretariat, Rue de la Science 14, 3rd floor, BEREC held a public debriefing to present the outcomes of the latest ordinary meetings. The public debriefing also was livestreamed on BEREC’s website. 

During the public debriefing, the BEREC Chair, Annemarie Sipkes, and the BEREC Working Group Co-chairs presented the documents that were adopted during the ordinary meetings. Among the topics, the following was discussed:
-    BEREC Opinion for the evaluation of the application of the Open Internet Regulation; 
-    BEREC Report on number-independent interpersonal communication services (NI-ICS) revenue indicators; 
-    BEREC Report on the internet ecosystem
-    BEREC Guidelines on Regulation (EU) 2022/612 and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/2286 (Retail Roaming Guidelines)
-    BEREC Report on ECA Audit recommendations for 5G cybersecurity
-    BEREC WP 2023 and outline of the draft BEREC Work Programme 2024

The BEREC Chair and the BEREC Working Group Co-chairs presented the documents to be approved for public consultations:
-    Draft BEREC Report on Interoperability of Number-Independent Interpersonal Communication Services (NI-ICS) (public consultation)
-    Draft BEREC Report on regulatory treatment of business services (public consultation)
-    Draft Report on challenges and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in the telecommunications sector (including use cases) (public consultation)
-    Draft BEREC Report on Competition amongst multiple operators of NGA-networks in the same geographical region (public consultation)


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