BEREC has adopted two summaries and the updated reports on net neutrality

10 December 2012


BEREC adopted an Overview and a Summary of BEREC’s approach to net neutrality at the BEREC Plenary on 6 December 2012.

The Overview provides a concise description of three years of BEREC’s activities in the field of net neutrality. It summarizes briefly how the Internet works and presents findings related to retail and wholesale relationships and observations in the context of net neutrality. Furthermore, the paper presents what regulators can do in order to promote net neutrality. More specific explanations are available in the “Summary of BEREC positions on net neutrality”.

 The adopted documents are available here:

1.  BoR (12) 140: “Overview of BEREC approach to NN”

2. BoR (12) 146: “Summary of BEREC positions on net neutrality“

BEREC adopted updated reports after the summer’s public consultation on net neutrality, at the BEREC Plenary on 6 December 2012.  Furthermore,

- the Report on the BEREC public consultation on net neutrality was adopted in order to provide interested parties with a brief overview of the results of the consultation;

- the Report on differentiation practices and related competition issues in the scope of net neutrality examines and assesses the potential impact on end-users of departures from net neutrality at the initiative of ISPs;

- the Quality of Service Guidelines, which discuss  the purpose as well as the scope and extent of USD Article 22 (3), which introduces the competence of NRAs to set minimum quality of service requirements in order to prevent degradation of service;

- the focus of the Report on assessment of IP interconnection in the context of net neutrality is on the wholesale level of interconnection between ISPs and other intermediaries in the Internet value chain, analysing how deviations from net neutrality may be reflected at the interconnection level governing transmission of packets across the Internet as a collection of different networks.