BEREC has published a Statement on European Parliament’s vote on Telecoms legislative proposals

04 April 2014

The BEREC Statement:

BEREC notes the European Parliament’s adoption of its first reading position on the proposed “Connected Continent” Regulation at its Plenary session and welcomes the general approach adopted by the Parliament.

BEREC particularly welcomes the European Parliament’s recognition of the need for a broad, careful and comprehensive assessment of the European regulatory framework during the next Commission term. Furthermore, BEREC appreciates the proposed removal of some of the complex regulatory processes which had been tabled by the European Commission, the deletion of some of the Commission’s proposals on grounds of subsidiarity and proportionality and the suggested increased consistency in the regulatory tasks of the national regulators.

BEREC acknowledges the hard work carried out by the Parliament under an unusually demanding timeframe, and looks forward to the continuing discussions around the legislative proposal, both in Council and (after the coming elections), in the European Parliament. BEREC will now continue the examination of the proposal in line with its statutory role as a technical advisory body, and remains at the disposal of the legislators as they continue the process of scrutinising the Commission’s legislative proposals, with a view to further strengthening the internal market for the provision of electronic communications networks and services.


On 16 September 2013, BEREC issued a statement on the publication of a European Commission proposal for a Regulation on the European single market – available at– followed by a more detailed commentary on the draft Regulation, on 17 October 2013, available at the link

Note to the Editor:

BEREC is composed of a Board of Regulators, consisting of the Heads of the 28 National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs). BEREC advises the European Commission and its member NRAs, and assists the European Parliament and Council on issues related to the application of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications. BEREC seeks to ensure fair competition and consistency of regulation in the internal market for electronic communications, for the benefit of European consumers. In particular, it provides expert advice on market definitions, analysis and remedies, on the definition of transnational markets and on cross-border disputes and numbering issues. BEREC also provides expert opinions on emerging challenges, including the promotion of broadband, net neutrality and converging markets, and plays an active role in public discussions on these issues.

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