PRESS RELEASE - BEREC starts working on opinion on Commission’s proposal on relevant markets

03 March 2014

BEREC started its work on the opinion on the Commission’s review of the Recommendation on Relevant Markets by hosting a workshop in Stockholm. At the workshop the Commission presented its proposal and representatives from operators and consumer groups across Europe exchanged views in a panel debate. A brainstorming exercise on how the list of relevant markets might evolve in the future also took place.

The workshop was held in conjunction to the 18th BEREC Plenary meeting, the first of four this year. The meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Outcomes of the BEREC Plenary

The Plenary meeting approved for public consultation a report assessing different platforms and tools for measuring and monitoring the quality of Internet access services in the context of net neutrality. The consultation will run from 17th March to 28th April 2014.

BEREC also adopted for publication its latest international roaming benchmark data report (covering the period from April to September 2013) and agreed to hold its second stakeholder forum in Brussels in autumn 2014, one year after its first stakeholder forum was held in Riga, Latvia.

In addition, the Management Committee appointed a new Administrative Manager for the BEREC Office in Riga, Mr László Ignéczi. Mr Ignéczi takes up his duties on the 1st April 2014.

This was the first BEREC Plenary meeting under the chairmanship of Göran Marby, Head of the Swedish regulator, PTS.

Stockholm, 28 February 2014


BEREC is composed of a Board of Regulators consisting of the Heads of the 28 national regulatory authorities (NRAs). BEREC advises the European Commission and its member NRAs, and assists the European Parliament and Council, on issues related to the application of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications. BEREC seeks to ensure fair competition and consistency of regulation in the internal market for electronic communications, for the benefit of European consumers. In particular, it provides expert advice on market definitions, analysis and remedies, on the definition of transnational markets, and on cross-border disputes and numbering issues. BEREC also provides expert opinions on emerging challenges including the promotion of broadband, net neutrality and converging markets, and plays an active role in public discussions on these issues.


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