5G roll-out in the EU – a forefront priority of BEREC

25 November 2021

5G is expected to create an ecosystem for technical and business innovation, and to become a major driver of economic growth. As the 5G market develops, BEREC actively and closely monitors issues related to the network roll-out, such as coverage indicators, infrastructure sharing and EMF, as well as some less visible aspects, such as backhaul and copper switch-off, topics that are also relevant for fixed network deployment.

“Fast roll-out of 5G networks is a prerequisite for the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of the EU. In the coming year, we will keep focusing on the 5G value chain and issues related to 5G roll-out such as coverage indicators, infrastructure sharing but also backhaul and copper switch-off,” said the BEREC Chair, Michel Van Bellinghen (BIPT, Belgium) at the 5G Techritory, Europe’s leading 5G ecosystem forum, held on 24 November 2021.

While doing these assessments, BEREC also focused on sustainability aspects related to the networks. “We are convinced that the upgrade to newer technologies and infrastructure, as well as coordination of civil works and joint use of existing physical infrastructure will reduce the environmental impact of electronic communications networks deployment, underlined the BEREC Chair. During the Ericsson Day: 5G as the tool for sustainable growth, held on 18 November 2021, he explained, how the 5G can help reducing the climate change. He also elaborated on the “twin transition” of digitalisation and sustainability as an important evolution. The BEREC Chair emphasized that the future looks green and digital, both aspects being equally important for the development process of the new generation network.

The BEREC Chair underlined that the competitive dynamics in the mobile market remains a crucial point of attention for us. Therefore, having independent national regulators that spearhead a competitive market, remains crucial. In addition, there is strong envolvement  of National Regulatory Authorities and BEREC in the digital regulation, emphasized the BEREC Chair at the 20th Anniversary Conference of Malta Communications Authority (MCA)  held on 25 November 2021. He expressed his gratitude for the leading role the MCA has played supporting the activities of BEREC, providing several resources dedicated to the day-to-day management of BEREC.