BEREC Chair Dan Sjöblom highlights the 5G challenges during the pandemics

05 November 2020

The main topics covered by the BEREC Chair Dan Sjöblom during the Turn ON5G forum on 5 November 2020 was BEREC work on the implementation of 5G and current challenges due to the pandemics worldwide.

5G is one of BEREC’s strategic priorities set out in the strategy for 2021 – 2025. At his keynote speech, the BEREC Chair said that the challenges that need to be addressed range from work on standards, interoperability, new business models, spectrum availability and network sharing, coverage, Quality of Service (QoS), security and resilience.

During the virtual event, the BEREC Chair also emphasized that the fixed and wireless networks are essential infrastructure in Europe, even more so in times of crises. Therefore the misinformation about electromagnetic fields(EMF) and 5G may act as a barrier to the timely rollout of 5G networks. To address these challenges, Dan Sjöblom referred to a joint BEREC and Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) statement, where both strongly support measures to protect the public and workers from harmful effects arising from exposure to EMF.

Sjöblom also mentioned the BEREC commitment towards the network capacity during the pandemics. In March 2020, BEREC set up a special reporting mechanism to ensure regular monitoring of the Internet traffic situation in each EU Member State to be able to respond swiftly to capacity issues.

Turn ON5G is the II National 5G Forum, which aims to bring together the best specialists in the 5G ecosystem. In its second edition, the event placed a particular emphasis on the economic reactivation after the Covid-19 crisis, reviewing the status of implementation and analyzing the first commercial experiences.