BEREC invites stakeholders to an online public debriefing on 15 December 2021

07 December 2021

BEREC will hold a public debriefing at 14:00 CET on 15 December 2021, to present the outcomes of the last BEREC plenary meetings. With the unstable epidemiological situation in Europe, the event will be held online. 
BEREC Chair Michel Van Bellinghen (BIPT, Belgium) and the Working group Co-chairs will present the outcomes of the BEREC plenary meetings that will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, on 9 and 10 December 2021. During the public debriefing, the speakers will pay particular attention to:

  •     Comparable national broadband coverage indicators throughout Europe;
  •     Market and technological developments and their impact on the application of rights of end-users in the EECC;
  •     The national implementation and functioning of the General Authorisation;
  •     COVID-19 crisis - lessons learned on communication networks and services for a resilient society.

During the event, the BEREC Chair and the Working Group Co-Chairs will present several documents adopted for the public consultations: an update to the BEREC Net Neutrality Regulatory Assessment Methodology and a consistent approach to migration and the copper switch-off.

The event on 15 December 2021, will be the last public debriefing for Michel Van Bellinghen (BIPT, Belgium) as BEREC Chair. During the public debriefing, the incoming BEREC Chair 2022, Annemarie Sipkes (ACM, the Netherlands), will present the adopted BEREC Work Programme 2022 and answer stakeholders’ questions.

The BEREC documents adopted will be available on the BEREC website  before the public debriefing – on  15 December 2021 – to enable stakeholders to prepare advance questions for the speakers. A list of publicly available documents will also be available on the website.

IMPORTANT: BEREC invites stakeholders to register for the event and submit their questions in the registration form.

In light of the epidemic developments, the event will be fully virtual. The debriefing will be streamed via a dedicated streaming platform, which will also provide live captioning. BEREC will publish the link to the public debriefing on the BEREC website on the day of the event.

Please consult the instructions on how to use the streaming platform for engagement prior to the event. During the event, stakeholders can ask the speakers questions via the platform’s live Q&A chatbox.

More complex queries can be sent in advance to [email protected] by 14 December 2021, COB.