BEREC invites stakeholders to early inputs for Work Programme 2022

03 March 2021

BEREC’s future aims are to play an essential role in further improving the consistency and harmonised application of regulations rules, to enhance its working methodology and engage cooperatively and effectively with stakeholders. The outline for the draft BEREC Work Programme 2022 has been adopted and submitted for consultation to the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission. It stems from the BEREC Strategy 2021-2025 and will continue BEREC’s current workflow. 

The BEREC Chair Michel Van Bellinghen emphasises: “BEREC’s current focus lies on the promotion of full connectivity, which means prioritising work that improves the general conditions for the expansion and take-up of secure, competitive and reliable high-capacity networks, both fixed and wireless, across Europe. Given that increased connectivity should trigger the demand for high-quality services on the part of end-users, BEREC continues its efforts to promote choice and empowerment for end-users. Furthermore, BEREC is also concentrating its efforts on supporting a sustainable and open functioning of digital markets by exploring issues regarding digital service providers and end-users in the digital market.”

To allow early stakeholder’ engagement in the BEREC Work Programme 2022 and encourage a discussion on BEREC’s future work, on 1 April 2021 BEREC will hold the online Stakeholder Forum. 
The incoming BEREC Chair 2022, Annemarie Sipkes (ACM, The Netherlands), points out, that “we find it very important to continue the dialogue with our stakeholders to better understand their perspectives and concerns regarding our common key challenges. This will allow us to shape an ambitious and relevant BEREC WP 2022.”
The event will be live-streamed, enabling the stakeholders to engage with the speakers via live chat. More information about speakers, discussion panels, and the registration will follow. 

As in previous years, the BEREC Work Programme 2022 will be subject to public consultation. The public consultation will run for four weeks in October and November 2021. The final BEREC Work Programme 2022 will be discussed and adopted in December 2021.