BEREC invites stakeholders to express interest in presenting their views at the virtual workshop on mobile infrastructure sharing

15 October 2020

On 16 November 2020 at 10:30-12:00 (CET) BEREC will hold the virtual workshop on infrastructure sharing. BEREC seeks interested stakeholders (e.g. operators, associations, equipment vendors, towerCOs, municipalities) to present their views in relation infrastructure sharing in the context of 5G. The concept of stakeholder presentations is part of BEREC’s ongoing approach to improve stakeholder engagement. 

By addressing some of the questions, it is intended that stakeholders provide targeted presentations referring to practical examples to support their views (c.5-7mins followed by short discussions with experts). The audience for presentations is the BEREC WNE WG.  Essentially, the experts will collect and discuss the content in the context of the 2019 Common Position.  The outcome of the workshop will be to draft potential next steps (if any) that may need to be taken to update the 2019 Common Position.

Please express your interest to present by sending email with your contact details to [email protected] by 30 October 2020. Afterwards you will be contacted individually.

Mobile infrastructure sharing is important to many stakeholders including BEREC.  BEREC’s current thinking on the subject is set out in document BoR(19) 110 (the “2019 Common Position”), which was based on document BoR(18) 116 (the “2018 Report”).  Essentially, the 2019 Common Position identifies and describes factors to be considered by NRAs when assessing an infrastructure sharing agreement, where they have competence to do so.  

More recently, BEREC has issued preliminary views on the impact of regulation on 5G and the role of regulation in enabling the 5G ecosystem (document BoR(19) 245). In addition, BEREC initiated a public consultation on the BEREC 5G Radar (document BoR (20) 110).  In line with BEREC’s Work Programme 2020, and within this broad context, BEREC’s Wireless Network Evolution Working Group (“WNE WG”) is looking to collect information about possible future evolutions of the 2019 Common Position.

In particular, the WNE WG is interested in understanding the reasons, if any, as to why, how, where, and when BEREC might wish to update its views on the issue of mobile infrastructure sharing as a result of 5G.