BEREC is ready to identify the measures to further strengthen Europe’s digital capabilities

03 December 2020

The transformation of the telecom sector in longer-term and the evolving role of regulation after the implementation of the European Electronic Communications Code were in focus at the panel discussions at the FTTH annual conference on 1-3 December 2020. 

During the CEO panel discussion the BEREC Chair 2020, Dan Sjöblom (PTS, Sweden) gave his insights on the evolving role for telcos in the Digital Age. The participants shared their perspectives on the transformations of the telecom industry and ways to understand the megatrends. Dan Sjöblom discussed BEREC’s expertise and understanding of the markets and the aim to ensure a close dialogue with all stakeholders to tackle all challenges remaining in Europe.

The incoming BEREC Chair for 2021 - Michel Van Bellinghen (BIPT, Belgium) participated in the panel session regarding the evolving role of regulation post-Code. While sharing the views on the future of regulation in the digital and telecom sectors, the incoming Chair focused on the current situation worldwide. Michel Van Bellinghen stated: “In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we should increase preparedness for future similar events, and develop the long-term readiness of networks for crisis scenarios. BEREC will identify necessary measures to strengthen Europe’s digital capabilities further, and to increase the resilience of the electronic communications networks.”

At the panel discussion “Towards a copper switch-off strategy in Europe”, the BEREC Vice-Chair Jeremy Godfrey (ComReg, Ireland) touched upon the various obstacles to a fast and smooth transition to fibre. In 2021 Godfrey predicts that the examining of  best practices for regulating copper switch-off would be an important topic for BEREC. 

The FTTH Conference 2020 is considered the largest fibre-related summit, bringing together policymakers, thought leaders, business executives, innovators and investors from the fibre sector. This year the summit was held online.