BEREC launches an early stakeholder input on the Work Programme 2022

26 March 2021

During the BEREC Public debriefing on the outcomes of the 46th BEREC ordinary meetings held on 17 March 2021, the incoming BEREC Chair 2022 Annemarie Sipkes (ACM, the Netherlands) announced an early call for input on the BEREC Work Programme 2022.

Already earlier this year, BEREC adopted the Outline BEREC Work Programme 2022, which is reflecting  the objectives of BEREC's work in the upcoming year.

The objectives of BEREC's work in 2022 continue to be based on the mandatory tasks stemming from the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) and its four main goals coming out of Article 3 (2) EECC:

  • Promoting connectivity and access to very high capacity networks,
  • Promoting competition and efficient investment,
  • Contributing to the development of the internal market,
  • Promoting the interest of the citizens of the Union.

Consistently implementing the EECC continues to be at the forefront of BEREC's work. The BEREC Strategy 2021-2025 and its high-level strategic priorities will be fundamental for meeting the objectives and the work that BEREC will undertake in 2022 overall. Furthermore, BEREC is committed to serving as a body for thoughtful and proactive debate that provides advice to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission in the field of electronic communications. Similarly, BEREC seeks to engage cooperatively and effectively with stakeholders. The Outline Work Programme 2022 also considers the preparation for the new challenges ahead resulting from political, economic and technological developments as an essential task – such as the Green Deal and the Agenda 2030 to foster sustainability.

The incoming BEREC Chair encourages all stakeholders and interested parties to provide their views and contributions to the Work Programme 2022.

Please forward your input via e-mail to [email protected] before 19 April 2021 (EoB).

Input should contain:

  • The title of the proposal,
  • Which of BEREC’s proposed high-level strategic priorities, set out in the draft Strategy 2021-25, the project is intended to address,
  • A short description of the project, which will allow BEREC to adequately consider its merits; which developments the project is to address,
  • The name of the proposer, the organisation and contact details.

In line with the practice of previous years and in accordance with Article 21 of the BEREC Regulation, the draft BEREC Work Programme 2022 will be consulted with the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission on their priorities and will be subject to a public consultation. The public consultation will run for a four-week period in October and November 2021. The final BEREC Work Programme 2022 will be adopted at the final BEREC Board of Regulators meeting of the year, in December 2021. BEREC will publish and transmit the annual work programme to the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission as soon as it is adopted.