BEREC launches early call for input on the Work Programme 2025

01 March 2024


BEREC’s future aims are to play an essential role in further improving the consistent and harmonised application of regulatory rules in the European Union, to enhance its working methods, and to engage cooperatively and effectively with stakeholders. In order to gather the first inputs into the draft Work Programme 2025, on 1 March 2024, BEREC launched a call to stakeholders to submit their ideas for BEREC’s work in the upcoming year.

Format of contributions
BEREC invites stakeholders to send in proposals, and to indicate the relationship to the BEREC strategy 2021-2025 and the Action Plan for 2030, which will assist BEREC prioritise the proposals it receives. BEREC also invites stakeholders to suggest a format of the deliverables of their proposals, for example, a report, an opinion, workshop or guidelines. 

Moreover, BEREC indicates that the proposed projects for inclusion in BEREC’s Work Programme 2025 should consider both existing and predictable workload. These include carry-over, recurring, and mandatory projects, as well as projects likely to arise from the European Commission’s current and any forthcoming policy initiatives and its evaluation of the performance of BEREC and the BEREC Office.
The deadline for submitting inputs to [email protected] is 9 April 2024.

What happens next?
The contributions received will assist the BEREC team in preparing the draft Work Programme for the upcoming year. In the second half of the year, BEREC will invite stakeholders to provide their feedback, via a public consultation on BEREC’s Draft Work Programme 2025 before it is finally adopted in December 2024.

Use the opportunity to discuss before submitting an input
The incoming BEREC Chair, Robert Mourik (ComReg, Ireland), will present the outline of the BEREC Work Programme 2025 at the annual BEREC Stakeholder Forum, and together with the BEREC Chair, Tonko Obuljen (HAKOM, Croatia), will engage in a Q&A session on the current and future work of BEREC. The event is open for registration.