BEREC opens the registration for the workshop on the market entry in the context of the Digital Markets Act

07 April 2021

To collect input from startups and digital companies’ associations and the key potential challengers to the digital gatekeepers on contestability, on 28 April 2021 from 14:00 to 16:30 CEST, BEREC will hold the workshop on the market entry in the context of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). BEREC invites stakeholders and any other parties with an interest on this issue to register for the workshop on the BEREC website.

The BEREC Chair 2021 Michel Van Bellinghen will open the event and together with the Co-chairs of the Market and Economic Analysis Working Group Chiara Caccinelli and Jorge Infante who will introduce the audience to the topic. The workshop will be held in two sessions.

In the first session, the Head of E-commerce and Platforms Unit at the DG CONNECT (EC) Prabhat Agarwal will introduce how the DMA may address the market entry issues. The ITRE Committee rapporteur on the Opinion on the DMA Carlos Zorrinho will lay out the European Parliament’s state of play regarding the DMA.

The second session will feature a stakeholders’ round table with industry associations and alternative platforms presenting their positions. The round table will focus on the factors that may limit competition and the necessary DMA improvements to ensure the market contestability.

The workshop will be concluded with a round of questions and answers. BEREC invites stakeholders to send questions to the speakers in advance - by submitting in the registration form, or sending to [email protected].

The online event will be live-streamed via the dedicated streaming platform with live captioning. The participants will also have the opportunity to engage live by writing their questions in the dedicated Q&A chat-box.

BEREC strongly encourages interested stakeholders and any other parties to participate in the public consultation on its draft report on the ex-ante regulation of digital gatekeepers by 4 May 2021, COB.