BEREC public debriefing – 14 December 2023 online

30 November 2023

On 14 December 2023, BEREC will hold its last public debriefing of 2023 online. The BEREC Chair, Prof. Kostas Masselos (EETT, Greece), and several Working Group Co-chairs will present the documents approved at the latest Board of Regulators ordinary meetings. The BEREC Chairmanship from EETT, Greece will be handed to HAKOM, Croatia. Additionally, an update on the outcome of the recruitment and selection procedures for the new Director of the Agency for Support for BEREC will be provided. 

Topics and adopted documents

In addition to the topics mentioned above, BEREC will present reports linked to the following areas:
•    authorisation-related framework for international connectivity infrastructures; 
•    environmental transparency on digital products and services;
•    reinforcing the EU’s Cybersecurity Capabilities.

Two BEREC studies will also be presented on:
•    the evolution of competition dynamics of tower and access infrastructure companies not directly providing retail services;
•    the trends and policy/regulatory challenges of cloudification, virtualisation and softwarisation in telecommunications.

The final Agenda will be made available on the BEREC website following the BEREC ordinary meetings (starting from 11 December 2023), while the adopted documents will be published on 13 December 2023. A list of other publicly available and related documents will be published on the website on 12 December 2023.

Format of the event
The online public debriefing provides an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to remotely follow and engage with BEREC. The link to the livestream will be made available on the BEREC website shortly before 14:00 CET on 14 December 2023.
Prior registration is required! 

Stakeholder participation
BEREC invites stakeholders to engage with speakers at the debriefing during the Q&A sessions. Questions can be submitted through the registration form during the registration process. Any complex or detailed questions can be sent to [email protected] by the end of business on 13 December 2023. During the debriefing, stakeholders following the livestream will be able to submit questions via a dedicated Q&A box on the BEREC website.