BEREC publishes the received stakeholders' input to feed into the incorporation of the ECJ judgments on the Open Internet Regulation in the BEREC Guidelines

28 October 2021

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) is currently assessing the details of the rulings issued by the Court of Justice (ECJ) on 2 September 2021 regarding violation of the Open Internet Regulation (C 34/20 – Telekom Deutschland, C-854/19 – Vodafone and C-5/20 – Vodafone). This assessment aims to help prepare the review of the BEREC Guidelines on the Implementation of the Open Internet Regulation in line with the ECJ rulings. 

During its 48th plenary meeting (30 September 2021, Dubrovnik), the Board of Regulators decided to launch a call to all interested stakeholders to offer them the opportunity to share their views on the ECJ rulings on zero-rating with an appropriate justification supporting their understanding. That call for stakeholder input ran from 6 October 2021 to 20 October 2021. 

BEREC received substantive responses from 26 stakeholders, 23 of which are now published on BEREC’s Public Register. The remaining three responses were marked as confidential by the stakeholders and are therefore not published. The non-confidential responses were received from: 

BEREC thanks all the stakeholders for their input and considers the contributions received in its ongoing analysis. The draft of the reviewed Guidelines is planned to be adopted for public consultation at the 50th BEREC plenary meetings (9-11 March 2022)

Please note that BEREC does not provide individual responses to inputs received or publish a consultation report.