BEREC strengthens its collaboration with regulators worldwide

04 October 2023

With a view to creating a sustainable and inclusive digital future that benefits end-users worldwide, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), the Eastern Partnership Electronic Communications Regulators Network (EaPeReg), the European Mediterranean Regulators Group (EMERG), and the Latin American Forum of Telecommunications Regulators (REGULATEL) met in Funchal (hybrid meeting) on October 4, 2023, for the biennial four-lateral BEREC-EaPeReg-EMERG-REGULATEL Summit. The meeting was hosted by the Portuguese regulatory authority, ANACOM.

Discussions and exchange of experiences among the regulators

During the summit, the regulators discussed and shared valuable experiences on essential topics such as the upcoming trends and challenges in the evolving landscape of international connectivity. More specifically, the panellists discussed the continuous need to efficiently combine legal, technical and financial aspects and emphasized the importance of adopting a multi-stakeholder approach. 

The regulators also recognized that the markets of electronic communications are undergoing profound changes, characterised by increasing interconnectivity and the growing demand for high-capacity networks, wide coverage, high speed connectivity, and high quality of experience - all vital components of a digitally connected global society. In addition, the regulators exchanged experiences regarding the role of satellite and submarine cables in achieving reliable and high-speed connectivity. They expressed their commitment to increase global connectivity through the use of these technologies, with the ultimate goal of creating a digital future that is sustainable and accessible for all end-users.  

From BEREC’s side, NCEC (Ukrainian telecom authority) delivered a presentation emphasizing the critical role of connectivity in emergency situations, particularly in light of the ongoing Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and highlighted that resilience and stability of electronic communication networks are paramount in keeping people connected during crises.  BEREC acknowledges NCEC‘s exemplary contribution in this regard.

Regulators’ commitment to collaboration

Regulators play an essential role in fostering and implementing favourable and competitive conditions for the development of robust, high-capacity networks that offer reliable, affordable, and widespread connectivity, going beyond geographical boundaries. It is within this context, that the summit provided a valuable opportunity for the regulators to reaffirm their commitment to collaborate on research, innovation, and regulatory initiatives within their respective domains. Their collective efforts are directed towards advancing cutting-edge technologies and services, ultimately enhancing the digital experience for both end-users and the industry. The summit participants pledged to work together to improve international connectivity through the utilization of submarine cables and satellite systems.