BEREC supports ISPs in implementing the EU sanctions to block RT and Sputnik

11 March 2022

BEREC is committed in the context of its role as the European telecom regulators body to create clarity on regulation where this is needed. As recently stated, “Open Internet Regulation is not an obstacle in implementing EU sanctions to block RT and Sputnik”. Furthermore, BEREC is committed to providing assistance to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) on technical issues that may arise for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the implementation of the Regulation 2022/350.

It is BEREC’s understanding that the obligations to block RT and Sputnik are to be read in a broad manner and that all websites belonging to the entities mentioned in the Annex XV of the Regulation are covered including the provision of access to them by ISPs. BEREC reiterates that the Regulation 2022/350 is a legal Act that falls within the scope of the exceptions in Article 3(3) of the Open Internet Regulation.  

Therefore, BEREC considers that all domains incl. subdomains (such as,, *,,,, etc. ) related to the entities mentioned in the Annex XV fall under this exception.

BEREC trusts that all parties will take action to implement the EU sanctions in a precise and timely manner.