BEREC workshop on potential cases of light-touch regulation when SMP is found 

11 March 2024

Workshop MEA

To exchange views and best practices in applying the ex-ante regulation concerning commitments, wholesale-only undertakings, and commercial agreements review, on 11 April 2024, BEREC will hold a hybrid workshop, at the IRG Secretariat in Brussels, Belgium and online. 

The EECC provisions in relation to incentivizing the rollout of new Very High Capacity Networks (VHCN) 
At the start of the workshop, the representatives of the European Commission (EC) will provide an overview of the legal provisions of the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) relating to Articles 76,79 and 80, and how they apply to the new VHCN elements, commitment procedures and wholesale-only undertakings. The EC representatives will also discuss commercial agreements and answer stakeholders’ questions.

European telecom operators and wholesale access contracts (under commitments or commercially negotiated)
During the workshop, several European telecom operators will share their experience of the conclusion of wholesale access contracts under either the commitments procedure, including both the procedural and substantial aspects. BEREC has also invited some key operators and their associations to discuss their experience of commercial agreements that were deemed important enough for regulators to take into account when deregulating their broadband markets. The hybrid workshop will conclude with roundtable discussions. 

Next steps and input on the revision of the EECC and potentially the Guidelines on co-investments
There is a follow-up internal BEREC workshop planned for September 2024 for the Market and Economic Analysis Working Group to examine the views and opinions expressed during this external workshop in April. The conclusions drawn may eventually inform assessments of the effectiveness of the EECC. They could also contribute to a reassessment of the Guidelines on co-investments by BEREC, if deemed necessary.

Registration is open for both virtual and in-person participation
The workshop will be in a hybrid format. If your wish to attend in person at the IRG Secretariat (Rue de la Science 14 A, Brussels, Belgium), please register your interest by 24 March 2024. Due to a limited number of seats, priority will be given to the workshop speakers and BEREC members. The remaining seats will be allocated on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. To participate online, please register by 9 April 12:00 CET.