First collection hub opened in Latvia within the Laptops for Ukraine initiative

03 May 2023

The BEREC Office, the only EU agency with its headquarters operating in Latvia, together with the association Tavi Draugi, has become the first collection hub in Latvia within the initiative Laptops for Ukraine.

As we feel the importance of helping Ukraine in all the ways we can and keeping the awareness high about the ongoing war, I am glad that we are taking part in this initiative and that we are the first ones to open a collection hub in Latvia together with such an experienced  partner like Tavi Draugi. In these difficult times, the least we can do is to support Ukraine and its people to stay connected. Should you have a working laptop, phone or tablet, give it a new life and donate it within this campaign, invites the Director of the BEREC Office, Laszlo Igneczi.

The aim of Laptops for Ukraine initiative is to collect and deliver laptops, smart-phones and tablets from different collection hubs all over the EU and to respond to the fundamental needs of schools, hospitals and public administrations in Ukraine's most affected war regions.

The initiative is organised jointly by the European Commission, the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation, and DigitalEurope - a European organisation that represents the digital technology industry.

More information about the donation process: