Improvements on the BEREC website: new menu structure, page titles, and updated static content

10 May 2023

The Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office) is continuously working on improving its central information hub – the website, with the aim to provide a more user-friendly navigation through the different website contents, improving user journeys. Within the latest improvements, at the end of April and beginning of May, it has restructured the menu, updated the page titles and also the static content of the website.

New menu structure 

The menu structure and sorting of items is now refreshed. There are new, dedicated sections for Tasks and Tools under the main category BEREC. While the Tasks section includes content related to the European Electronic Communications Code and BEREC’s Guidelines, Electromagnetic Fields and country-related information, and the Article 32/33 (Formerly Article 7/7a) procedure and cases, the Tools section includes content related to the numerous databases that BEREC maintains. In close connection to the restructuring, the page titles are also updated, providing more clarity on what information is published on a particular website page.

Improved and extended static content

The static website content is now extended and improved providing more information and details on several aspects of BEREC’s work and organizational matters. Among others, there is now more information provided on each of the current BEREC Working Groups, on BEREC’s Contact Network and, for example, on the External Cooperation of BEREC.

In the future, sections related to particular BEREC working areas will be developed and published, complementing already existing information on Open Internet with a variety of other topics.

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