Incoming BEREC Chair emphasizes collaboration and security for successful 5G rollout at 5G Techritory

19 October 2023

Emphasizing that the rollout of 5G networks, public and private, is not only a technical upgrade but also a strategic enabler for industries, the incoming BEREC Chair Tonko Obuljen (HAKOM, Croatia) opened the second day of the leading cross-sectoral, cross-border 5G event – "5G Techritory" in Riga, Latvia. 

During his address, Mr Obuljen acknowledged that we are witnessing unprecedented technological advancements that redefine how people communicate, work, and live. While embracing the opportunities the very high-capacity networks bring, the incoming BEREC Chair invited all to take the security and privacy concerns seriously. 

"The increased complexity of 5G networks opens new avenues for cyber threats." Tonko Obuljen said. "Therefore, as we shape the outlook for 2024, it is essential that we establish robust security frameworks and collaborate with stakeholders to develop resilient networks that safeguard sensitive data and protect user privacy". 

In conclusion, the incoming BEREC Chair emphasized that in the future, we must uphold our responsibility to ensure accessibility, security, and equality. He stressed that lessons learned from the previous years and the effective collaboration among governments, regulators, operators, industry players, and civil society will facilitate the successful rollout and utilization of 5G networks.

During the forum's first day, Tonko Obuljen participated in a panel discussion about the upcoming 6G mobile networks. Alongside other notable speakers, they talked about the challenges that will require 6G solutions, the risks involved, and what lessons can be learned from previous generations of mobile networks.

5G Techritory
The Europe's leading annual 5G ecosystem forum is organized annually in Riga, Latvia. The forum brings together the key players in 5G development, intending to create a robust and aligned 5G ecosystem in Europe and beyond.