Register for the online BEREC public debriefing upcoming on 12 June 2024

29 May 2024

A participant following an online meeting

Traditionally, after each Board of Regulators’ plenary meeting, BEREC holds a public debriefing. On Wednesday 12 June 2024, at 14:00 CEST, the BEREC Chair Tonko Obuljen (HAKOM, Croatia) together with the Working Group Co-chairs will present the outcome of the regulators’ meeting and reply to stakeholders’ questions. 

During this online debriefing, the BEREC Chair will give information about the documents adopted during the plenary meeting and will launch several public consultations related to roaming; the IP interconnection ecosystem, and the national implementation and functioning of the general authorisation regime. BEREC will post more information on the public debriefing programme after the plenary meeting (on 6-7 June 2024). 

Format of the debriefing
The public debriefing will be livestreamed on the BEREC website. The link to the livestream will be published on the website shortly before the event on 12 June 2024. Prior to the debriefing, stakeholders can register their interest and submit questions to the speakers via the registration form. 

The speakers will answer these submitted questions during the dedicated Q&A session at the debriefing. During the event, stakeholders may also ask questions via the livestream window.

All documents adopted during the BEREC ordinary meetings will be available on the BEREC website as of 11 June 2024, along with a list of other publicly available and related documents. Soon after the event, BEREC will post a recording of the debriefing on its website.