Save the date - BEREC Workshop on connectivity from LEO satellite fleets

09 March 2023

On 13 April 2023, at 13:30 CET, BEREC will hold a virtual workshop on secure and reliable connectivity from LEO (low Earth orbit) satellite fleets. 

Given the scale and pace of satellite deployments at low Earth orbit, the purpose of the workshop is for BEREC to identify market access challenges & opportunities that may arise concerning the development of satellite direct-to-cell connectivity.  This is a developing and interesting topic, as evidenced by the many recent industry announcements and promotions, including at this year’s Mobile World Congress.  BEREC is looking forward to hosting several presentations during this virtual event. 

Participation at the workshop is upon registration by 10 April 2023.

BEREC expects that during the workshop, the industry stakeholders present their views about direct-to-cell connectivity on secure and reliable connectivity from LEO satellite fleets. Therefore, the presenting stakeholders are invited to prepare targeted presentations addressing particular questions and themes of interest to BEREC. Moreover, BEREC would most welcome hearing practical examples from the presenters. Please express your interest to present by sending an email with your contact details to [email protected] by 30 March 2023. 

After the workshop, BEREC will prepare a summary report and list of potential next steps for National Regulatory Authorities to better engage with this topic. It may also generate demand for another workshop or future work by BEREC.