The open dialogue and cooperation between stakeholders and regulators will improve the internet infrastructure all over the world

01 December 2020

How to best achieve full broadband coverage were in the focus of the panel session moderated by the BEREC Chair Dan Sjöblom during the annual Ericcson conference "Broadband for all". In his opening remarks, BEREC Chair emphasized the role of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications in fostering good competition, cooperation and promoting connectivity. BEREC's work has contributed in several domains to pave the way for the connectivity objective, taking into account market developments such as - stimulating effective competition; co-investment and infrastructure sharing, investment in networks and defined VHCN and efficient deployment of broadband infrastructure. Dan Sjöblom said, "I believe that cooperation between regulators and stakeholders is very important. We need each other to come up with better solutions. Together, we can improve the internet infrastructure all over the world by addressing issues in an open dialogue."

Among the other questions, the speakers of the panel discussion also shared their views on the feasibility to achieve the full broadband coverage. The incoming BEREC Chair for 2021 Michel Van Bellinghen said "5G is expected to create an ecosystem for technical and business innovation involving vertical markets and a broad range of digital services, such as fixed wireless access. As such, 5G will be an enabler for digital connectivity and a major driver of economic growth."

The participants of the panel discussion also admitted - the ongoing crisis of Covid-19 clearly shows the importance of inclusive access to the internet for a range of issues, such as health, education and the economy.