Upcoming BEREC public debriefing on 14 December 2022

28 November 2022

On 14 December 2022 in Brussels at 14:00 CET, BEREC will hold a public debriefing to present the outcomes of the latest ordinary meetings. During the public debriefing, the BEREC Chair, Annemarie Sipkes, and the BEREC Working Group Co-chairs will present the documents that were adopted during the ordinary meetings.

Among the topics, the following will be discussed:
-    BEREC Opinion for the evaluation of the application of the Open Internet Regulation; 
-    BEREC Report on number-independent interpersonal communication services (NI-ICS) revenue indicators; 
-    BEREC Report on the internet ecosystem
-   BEREC Guidelines on Regulation (EU) 2022/612 and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/2286 (Retail Roaming Guidelines)
-    BEREC Report on ECA Audit recommendations for 5G cybersecurity
-    BEREC WP 2023 and outline of the draft BEREC Work Programme 2024

The BEREC Chair and the BEREC Working Group Co-chairs will also present the documents to be approved for public consultations:
-    Draft BEREC Report on Interoperability of Number-Independent Interpersonal Communication Services (NI-ICS) (public consultation)
-    Draft BEREC Report on regulatory treatment of business services (public consultation)
-    Draft Report on challenges and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in the telecommunications sector (including use cases) (public consultation)
-    Draft BEREC Report on Competition amongst multiple operators of NGA-networks in the same geographical region (public consultation)

The documents adopted by BEREC during the ordinary meetings will be made available on the BEREC website on 13 December 2022, enabling stakeholders to prepare questions for the speakers in advance. In addition, a list of other publicly available and related documents will be published on the website. 

The event will be the last public debriefing for Ms Annemarie Sipkes (ACM Netherlands) in the role of BEREC Chair. She will hand over the leadership to professor Konstantinos Masselos (EETT, Greece), who will present the adopted BEREC Work Programme for the next year and take any questions on the document. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The debriefing will be live-streamed via a dedicated streaming platform. BEREC will publish the link to the debriefing on its website shortly before the event on 14 December 2022. 

BEREC invites stakeholders to attend the public debriefing at the IRG Secretariat, Rue de la Science 14, 3rd floor, Brussels. Due to the limited number of seats, prior registration is required. The registration for physical attendance will be closed once the maximum number of participants has been reached. Registered participants are welcome to arrive before the event, as of 13:30 CET.  
BEREC also invites stakeholders to register to follow the BEREC public debriefing online and ask questions via Q&A box. 

Stakeholders can submit questions in advance through the registration form. Please send any particularly complex or detailed questions to [email protected] by close of business on 12 December 2022.